NDT Shop


Experts in our NDT Lab are capable of doing Magnetic particle, Fluorescent penetrant, Eddy current, Ultrasonic, and X-Ray inspections.

We have inspection experience in:

  • Boeing B-737, B-767
  • Fokker-70
  • Airbus A-320 Family

Aircraft wheel inspection:

  • Boeing B-737 (Honeywell, Goodrich (3-1558, 3-1559)
  • Bombardier Q-400 ( Goodrich 3-1573, 3-1574 )
  • Embraer (Goodrich 3-1544, 3-1444, 3-1446 )  
  • Airbus A-320 ( Goodrich 3-1530, 3-1531 ).

Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts are certified EN- 4179 Level 2 and 3 in all methods and can release EASA FORM 1 if required.

Phased array


Main advantages of using phased array method are: less movement, faster inspection, better reliability, extended inspection interval etc.

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Eddy current

Eddy current inspection: Finding surface and subsurface defects (cracks, pits, and corrosion), changes in the heat treatment, conductivity and sorting materials.

The method’s advantages: Can inspect through coating, can inspect in multi layer structures, portable, fast, and can check cracks which cannot find by visual and penetrant method.


X-Ray inspection: Detection of internal, multi layer defects (cracks, corrosion, inclusions, voids, porosity), thickness variations and detecting water in the honeycomb structure before repair.

The methods advantages: Portable, a permanent record of the inspection film, useful on a wide variety of materials, high sensitivity, eliminates disassembly requirements for airplane structure.

Magnetic particle

Magnetic particle inspection: Finding surface and near surface discontinuities (cracks, corrosion, laps, voids, non-metallic inclusions) in ferromagnetic materials.

The methods advantages: Reliable fast method of testing suitable components, easy to use, and simple in principle.

Liquid penetrant

Penetrant inspection: Finding surface or opened to the surface discontinuities such as crack, folds, laps cold shots and porosity.

The methods advantages: Relatively cheap and simple to use, easy to develop to difficult surfaces, fluorescent penetrants (we use only this) have high sensitivity.


Ultrasonic inspection: Used for detecting surface and subsurface discontinuities in most metal structure, fasteners etc. and detecting delaminating and disbonding on composite parts.

The methods advantages: Excellent penetration, portable, very accurate, highly sensitive, relatively easy to use, fast, reliable, requires access to only one side, immediate result.