Mechanical Shop


Aeroplex Mechanical Shop’s original aim was to provide component support for the in-house base and line maintenance. With the continuous growth of the third-party orders, now we are able to provide wide range of the component repair and/or maintenance services to our partners.

Our recently revived shops are equipped with high quality instruments and special tools to support component maintenance.

Most of our experts are trained and certified by the aircraft component manufacturers.
We are flexible and we are always ready to extend our capabilities according to our customers’ demand.


Emergency and Oxygen

Our highly trained staff with over 30 years experience, is well prepared to meet the stringent aviation standards with probably the best component turnaround time in Eastern and Central Europe
Our emergency equipment workshop, fully modernized in 2012, is carpeted and air-conditioned.

We can repair:

  • B737 Classic, B737 NG, B767 slide/rafts 
  • Fokker 70/100 slide/rafts 
  • Air Cruisers life vests.
  • A320 Family (soon will be added to our CAP list)

For the above mentioned escape slides/slide rafts we can issue EASA FORM 1.
The emergency staff is trained and certificated by the manufacturers (AIR CRUISERS, GOODRICH) and they have over than 15 years experience in the maintenance of the evacuation systems. For the test and the crucial repacking operation, we have wide range of manufacturer designed and made packing fixtures and vacuum bags.

Besides the shop for bottles we have a regulator testing bench designed and built by Air Cruisers Company that indicates correct gas regulation by means of an oscilloscope.
Aeroplex is the first USA Department of Transportation (DOT) approved company in Eastern and Central Europe region, so we can perform hydrostatic test on the DOT approved bottles.
The oxygen workshop provides recharging and inspection services for static and portable oxygen cylinders of:

  • A320 family
  • B737 Classic and NG, B767, B757
  • Fokker 70/100
  • Bombardier Q-400,CRJ-200

The recharge shop dispenses oxygen complying with stringent aviation standards quickly and safely.
ACE can provide a quick mobile on-the-spot oxygen refilling from its oxygen cart at Budapest International Airport.
We are also ready to provide a whole component management of your oxygen and emergency equipments.


We can repair and overhaul all of the cylinder and valve assemblies of the slides that are on our capability list.

Hydrostatic test

For the cylinders, as a first US DOT approved repair station in Eastern and Central Europe, we are able to perform hydrostatic testing on carbon, kevlar, aluminium or steel cylinders.
Our test bench is designed and manufactured by GALISO, which is probably the best equipment based on water jacket method. Our operators are DOT approved and trained by CTC Training Company.

Wheels and brakes

Our shop is EASA approved repair and overhaul station which is capable to issue FORM 1 certificate.

Our staff has over 20 years experience with the following producers:

  • ABSC

and we have a wide range capability for the wheels and brakes of 

  • BOEING  737 Classic & NG, BOEING 767
  • FOKKER 70/100 
  • BOMBARDIER CRJ, BOMBARDIER  Q400 (DASH-8) aircrafts.
  • A320 Family

Our shop has recently extended capability list with A320 family GOODRICH wheels and we are prepared to further expand in the near future for Messier-Bugatti manufactured wheels.

Mechanic and hydraulic

The main function of mechanical shop is to support our base and line maintenance, but we are capable to repair components independently with EASA FORM 1. The shop also makes tests on the hydraulic components to support the base maintenance but it is also capable to repair B737 Classic and NG hydraulic swivels independently.
Instead of wasting we can repair the sliding windshield of B737 Classic and NG aircrafts to reduce your cost.
We are able to repair CFM56-7B fan blade platforms, which is approximately 15% of the cost of a platform exchange.