Avionic Shop


All of our avionics shops were modernized in March 2012. They are in full conformity with manufacturers and authorities regulations and they are designed to align customer requests and our profession. Our capability list is compiled on the basis of our customers needs and we are very flexible to satisfy any other special request either if your aircraft is in our hangar or independently. Most of the shop experts have more than 25 years experience in avionics.

Radio and navigation

Radio and navigation shop can perform maintenance of the following components:

  • Headset, Handset, Microphone test and repair.
  • IFE System elements test, repair (monitors, video and audio and boarding music reproducer).
  • Passenger Control Unit test and repair.
  • Battery Charger for IFSD.
  • Standby Altimeter test.
  • Underwater Locator Beacon battery change, test.
  • Control Panels and Audio Selector Panels test and repair.


Our electrical shop can maintain the following components:

  • Galley equipments (Oven, Oven Control Module, Water Heater, Beverage Maker, Coffee Maker) test and repair scheduled maintenance overhaul.
  • Battery Power Supply and Charger test and repair.
  • Thermal Switch test, Outflow Valve and Pressure Control Panel test and repair.
  • Exterior Lights (Retractable Landing Light, Anti-collision Strobe Light and Navigational Lights) test and repair.
  • Interior lights (Cabin, Cockpit Window, Ceiling, Emergency, Reading Light) test and repair.
  • Main and Emergency Batteries charge, capacity test, recondition, and overhaul.
  • Pressure Switch test and repair.
  • Window Heat Controller test and repair

Special avionic

Technicians in the special shop section can reproduce safety demo on various type of media or as requested by our customer.

  • Hi8 Video cassette copy for Hi8 Video Cassette Player of Entertainment System (Source: SVHS, BETA Cassette or DVD)
  • SSCVR memory downloading and Audio CD making, which can be played on simple CD player.
  • SSFDR data downloading