ACE Facility and Location

ACE's main facilities are located in Budapest, Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Hungary (BUD) (For more information please visit:


ACE's Facilities include:

  • 2 maintenance hangar bays with up to 6 production lines
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Offices

The hangar complex has a steelwork structure, the outside walls are covered with trapezoidal plates, the floor has a 60 cm thick concrete casing. The upper one-third part of the sidewalls is glazed. The hangar gates are 17.7 m high bellow-framed doors, 52 m wide when completely open. The maximum size aircraft to accommodate is Boeing 767-300.


Hungary belongs to the Schengen zone. As a member of the European Union, the country has fully harmonized its legal system with EU laws, including safety and quality regulations related to aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and aviation.