Composite Repair Shop


We offer comprehensive and quality repair and overhaul services from nose to tail on aircraft types which are on our capability list and for separated component repair services under our Component ratings approvals.

Aeroplex has the capability to perform several level of composite bonding repairs by its experienced and trained composite technicians.

Our service portfolio comprises repair, maintenance and overhaul of the following aircraft and engine parts:

  • radomes
  • landing gear doors
  • inlet cowl
  • fan cowls
  • thrust reveverser
  • slats
  • fairings
  • flaps
  • spoiler, ailerons
  • wing tips
  • rudder
  • elevator
  • CFM56-5B Acoustical panel (overhaul)
  • CFM56-7B Acoustical panel (overhaul)

FAA approval is available after the following repairs in our Composite shop

  • CFM56-5B Acoustical panel overhaul
  • CFM56-7B Acoustical panel overhaul
  • CFM56-7B Fan blade platfrom overhaul
  • CFM56-7B Fasteners Inspection and test

We are in the phase of extending our capability with:

  • Certifications of CAAC for Acoustical panel and platform
  • CF6 OGV overhaul services with certification of EASA, FAA, CAAC also.